Social Responsibility

Helping Others

Now, more than ever, the world is missing a sense of relationship. The global pandemic has allowed us all to re-evaluate our lives and the importance of the people in them. In a world that is the most connected it has ever been, people have never felt more lonely, which is why whether we are feeding the homeless, lecturing students on the importance of nutrition, or simply lending a caring ear to a friend – we are passionate about helping others. It’s in our DNA and we proudly partner with the YMCA on this front.

Looking after our bodies

Our food is not only delicious, but we are conscious to ensure it is nutritious too. From our physical health to our mental health, we are strong advocates of listening to our bodies and fuelling them with what they need – be that certain food or time away from social media.

Animal Welfare

The way that animals that we consume are treated is of great importance to us, which is why we work very hard to ensure full traceability from farm or sea to fork. Not only this but we are exceptionally proud to have created an array of plant-based vegan options, which are equally as delicious are our meat alternatives Why, we hear some of you ask? Because with so many delicious plant-based alternatives around, it makes no sense for us to not showcase their prowess and, not to mention, the incredibly positive impact that consuming less meat has on our planet.