Our sole purpose for existing is to put smiles on the faces of those that tuck into our food. Whether it be your wedding day, a corporate event, or a private party, we will guarantee that the day is enhanced by our truly unique offerings.

Our fusion foods are inspired from around the world and, typically, fit within 4 categories:


Think about authentic Island Jerk flavours passed down through generations, that will put you in the mood for a carnival. Whether served traditionally with rice and peas or as a burger, we have you covered.

Latin American

Think Brazilian Chicken, Argentinian Steak and Mexican Burritos. Our Latino range uses authentic spice rubs and the freshest of ingredients, guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Mediterranean / Middle Eastern

Think of flavours from Greece, Turkey, and Morocco. We provide authentically flavoured Shawarma, Souvlaki, Tagines and Falafels layered with lashings of homemade Tzatziki and all the fresh flatbread and Hummus that you can imagine.


Think about Japanese, Thai, and Indian flavours. Whether you fancy Katsu chicken, Thai Green Curry, or the Nation’s favourite Indian curry, we have you covered. Having trained with Asian cooks to learn their secrets, and inspired by our time out East, we use authentic native ingredients to achieve mouth-watering taste.

We love a challenge and are always happy to ‘get creative’ in the kitchen if your requirements are more bespoke. However, we have found, over the years, that our most popular dishes can be narrowed down to the sample menu, below”